HOMEPAGE Tunnel Equipment IBO BOLT

İBO BOLT (Self-drilling İBO Bolt) includes a self-drilling bolt system, outer screwed bolt and a drilling bit. Anchor and injection is done at once. During empty bolt drilling, it enables free air and water penetration and removal of crumbs and when the drilling is completed, injection is made directly. Injection syrup fully fills the bolt, the gap between rock and bolt. Carrying head and anchor head enable necessary tension and couplings combine bolts for the required length.


  • With single operation; drilling, anchor and injection.
  • Same anchor doesn't require placing or protection and stem retrieval.
  • The same method is used in all rock conditions.
  • Bit selection complying with different rock types.
  • Bolt is used for air and water penetration and tension stick injection.
  • Flexibility on the length-using coupling.
  • Application with small drilling machines at limited ceiling height and unprotected worksite.
  • Increased rust protection upon request.


İbo bolt may be used at tunnels for the strengthening of weak floors, strengthening of tunnel mirror, tunnel pillars, tunnel entrance.

Moreover, ibo bolt strengthens the training walls and noise barriers used to strengthen the tunnel portals, ditches, cutting and head areas, excavation roads, dams and slopes.

As rock bolt is used as foundation pile and supporting pile and avalanche-preventing barriers, it conveniently facilitates our work.